Sunday, October 28, 2012

A day without talking to you is like a decade for me. . .

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 "Live your life like in a dream. . ." 
That's what people who are in love experience every single moment when they are spending a beautiful time with their soul-mate. It's a magical world in which at times they itself cant differentiate it from whether they are dreaming off or its real. But they least care about it  because, all they wish to have in that very moment is their most special one's presence close to their heart. To an extent its really like they are unaware of things happening around.

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For those people who have never fall in love before, i am not sure that, to how much extent they can understand this, and sometimes they may even feel it just like a fake world, packed with so called romantic moments which they have watched only in movies. And few people wont even hesitate to pass a comment that these people have gone weird and got isolated in to a virtual world. We cant blame them since every persons life would have been involved with meeting a number of different faces in time and each face would have gifted a vivid experience to them. And only if one among them have gifted them a unique feel which they have never experienced before, the so called Love can be understood by their heart. And so when comes to me yeah, as a person in love i too can understand the very depth of that feeling and how much special it is in our life.

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We know people in love always wishes to spend more and more time together and when they cant meet they used to spend long hours of talk on phone, chat etc. Its like no matter how much they talk, they never seems get bored and its only because of time or situation that they have to end their conversation for that day. Everyday is no different from it and they spend time talking about each and everything starting from even a small incident which happened that day while walking or having food or anything to very serious discussions of future, how to make the best of now to create a superb future for them so that they can really make their life like the way they have dreamed and all. So in short these conversations don't seems to have an end anytime and the most beautiful thing is that both of them feel so happy all the time. Actually if you too are a person in love you can simply understand the secret behind this phenomena, a simple truth that its not what they talk really matters, but what they give more importance or feels from heart is that they wish to hear their soul-mates voice all the time. . the most beautiful thing which makes them feel like blessed by the very almighty itself. . .a feeling of showering our heart with pure and unconditional love.
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Rather than telling it as a general note, I can relate it to my heart and feelings and put it  in my own words that, to how much extent i am experiencing all these beautiful feelings in my life ever since i have fallen in love with my Angel. The way she cares and loves me have a deep effect in me in such a way that her love is like a medicine itself for me now to go on. Its true that when a person showers unconditional love upon us in a very divine way, our soul priority in our life itself will become to bring everlasting happiness in their heart. Being in love is a truly divine and romantic feeling which have to be experienced and felt by heart itself, rather than trying to figure it out from a collection of words. Its like when you find your True Love in your life, you can feel it from your heart even with out any help and i am so happy that i have found mine. . 

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The love life is a mix-up of feelings and understanding each other and the long conversations in time will become a stage of expressing close romantic feelings as well as serious discussions which will end up in fight also sometimes. But the most interesting and  lovely part is that, each small fight will add only more sweetness in their love life as soon as they start talking again. And when comes to the life of me and my angel, we have always made sure that not a single fight should exceed one day and if possible will try to settle it in few hours itself. Its like we both cant sit without talking to each other. So what we do is that when ever a situation comes up we openly talk, express everything openly so that we don't have to suppress it inside and hence when a fight  is over that topic will never ever come again for discussion in future. Because from my friends itself i have seen situation where either one of the partner will suppress feeling inside thinking they shouldn't hurt the other and what happens in future is even more worse when all these feelings gets pile up and end up a very serious fight. So if i wish to provide my friends a small tip, its just that always be true in expressing your love towards your partner and share what you really feel about the situation rather than hiding it inside.

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But above all, there is one thing which is so clear and pure. . that people in true love cant sit without communicating for a long time. Because its like their hearts are bonded by a special feeling that it aches a million times when they sit alone. Like i said earlier, love is like a medicine itself which heals the pain of our heart, and those people who are in love can understand that, the most incredible pain they can have is when they cant communicate with their partner. . It can be as a result of a small fight they had and they purposely stopped contacting or it can be due to some particular situation that they cant contact.

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Yes, its truly a deep pain in our heart when we cant even talk with our soul-mate for a while. The reason for writing this post itself is that i am going through that very situation now. My angel have gone on a short visit to her relatives home for a work and its just that we couldn't contact like earlier due to the situation which persist there and our contact which have been hours of talking everyday have got limited to a single sms in a day and we both are feeling very sad of the situation. I am ardently wishing her to be back soon in my love life so that i can take care of her all the time. Its these small parting from her is making me realize that how much is she meant to me and seriously i am thinking how many hours i have wasted earlier for small fights with her and have hurt her simply for small things and all. And now my heart is so eagerly waiting for her to embrace her with all my love and promising a million times inside my heart that i wanna make her so happy, more than ever before. .

" It has been just few days since you are away from me. . but for me, with out you these days are like decades!! " ~ Renju


  1. Lovely read Renju :) I loved the way you opened the post! The title is so apt, It's almost like a decade if you don't get to meet the love of your life for a day, it's painful when you are away, beautifully written dear! I will read all your articles in a while, they tend to speak & reveal emotions in a unique way :)

    1. Thank you for going through the post and i am really happy that you liked the way i have presented it here. Yeah, the separation even for a small duration in love is so painful and people who have gone through that very stage can feel it deep from heart. Glad to know that you are interested in my other articles too.. happy reading. . take care Tanya. . :)

  2. Replies
    1. Glad to know that you like it, Garima. :)


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