Monday, December 6, 2010

Being a soulkeeper. . . .

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There are some faces which flash before my eyes in time. . . .So unfamiliar. . . So distant. . . .but still holding an invisible thread of relation which binds my heart so close to them and making me feel like their own. . . .a feeling so gifted, which even the people surrounding me failed to give in time. . . .Yes, the Pet who couldnt even speak, expecting nothing from us, but loves us the more than we actually give them. . . . The unconditional love of them for which i am debted every minute of the life. . . . But there are also those who couldnt enjoy the privilege of being inside a home and the comfort of being owned. . . We call them stray dogs. . . .

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The journey to my workplace everyday consist of a ride of few kilometers and during this i used to meet a lot of these familiar faces. Each one on their own, searching for food for them as well as for their little ones. They dont know me, they would have hardly noticed me anyway. But they never knew that they are filled inside my thoughts for few moments everyday. The way they used to play near road side brings smile in my face and i used to thank them for it. The very sight of them laying asleep so tired on the side of the road used to make me feel love for them. In time i am also worried about the fact that, since they are lying near the highway, they may be harmed and their death in time due to road accidents is what really hits like shock for me and i feel so down.

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In the routine drive, this shock used to hit me once in a while and i just dont know what to do in that very moment. Its only the prayers which helped me to get through the situation. And in time it became a habit of me to chant prayers when ever i see the death of them and i never stop chanting  Ohm Namah Shivaya (Panchakshara Mantra of lord Shiva ) until i reach my destination. It gives me a feeling like i am performing the last rituals of them to find peace after death. I even used to visualize the scene of their souls being carried to heaven slowly as my chanting progress. My eyes used to get filled with tears blurring my vision by the time i reach my destination, but deep inside my heart i would be filled with so much love for them that, i could even see their silent faces conveying farewell to me. . . . those calm eyes thanking me. . . . may be they too would have felt me so closely to them at that moment.

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Its told like when being left alone in life, by dear ones, then only we care for things around us like these. May be its true because, in my lonely life chosen by my wish,  i have only things like these as companion now and they are making me feel so comfortable. . . . filling my lonely heart with their thoughts. . . . and i love being their soulkeeper. . . . helping their souls to reach heaven with my prayers. . . . and i used to dream of them as the only persons who would be up there with god, waiting to receive me and shower me with their unconditional love. . . .


  1. Great to see that you actually cares for pets..

    I personally don't like keeping pets.. but yes I do care for stray animals.. dey deserve a life too.. a better life..

    p.s. Just now I realised that its an old post :) :)

    1. Thank you prasoon for goin thru my post. Its interesting to know that though you do care for stray dogs you haven't personally dont have a pet at home. Earlier me too was like that, but when i bought a puppy for myself it changed my life itself and now he is like a member of our family itself. His name is Prince, a GSD. Im sure once you do pet one, it will present a new world for you.. :) Then abt stray dogs me too actually feel so sad that i couldnt do anything except say abt them here or get them a pack of biscuit once in a while, a habit which i got from my friend who do care for stray dogs a lot.
      Yeah,its an old post but the feelings of me for them remains the same, may be even more. .. take care my friend. .


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