Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh Chocolate. . . . I am in love with you. . . :-)

My love for chocolate is really famous between my friends. They used to make fun of me with this and also at the same time, they never forgot to gift me one in time too. May be they too feel happy that there is nothing more in this world which can make me feel so happy than getting a box of chocolates as present. And i used to call them as chocolate friends. Whatever it may be, me too enjoy it and my chocolate season never ends. . . .

 It became more or less like a routine itself for me since the chocolate has become a special item in my daily diet. For the fear of missing it in any single day, i used to buy and store a lot of chocolates in the refrigerator at my home. And most of the times i prefer  picking the family pack of the one i  wish to taste. One of my friend who visited my home few months back was really surprised by the way i have kept chocolates instore and then only he realized how seriously i am in love with chocolates. .ha ha ha. . Anyway i am not just fond of expensive chocolates but used to stick to the special tastes of Cadbury, Nestle, Campco etc and so that it wont affect my monthly budget that much though believe me i am spending a lot more. To an extent i have actually cut shifted my taste of soft drinks for the chocolates.

For me the feel i get while having Dairy Milk is so special that it remains as my favorite pick all these years. I call it like love chocolate since it has been present in all the sweet moments of my life and so while beginning any new relationship, i always prefer to gift Dairy Milk as the first one; though my very luckiest friends get Cadburys Temptations!!!

When talking about Campco, it was one of the most favorite pick of mine next to Dairy milk since school days. Used to get it frequently by persuading mom and she too loves to get one for me and my sister. It was really sad that, the very brand disappeared from the market and i was hardly finding it in any of the shops in my town. And so i was back to the ones provided by Cadburys & Nestle and all these years i used to enjoy each and everyone of their chocolates. I can say like there was not a single week in which i missed eating one. I am thankful to god that, today that frequency changed to single day!!!  Yup, eating one after having dinner is a routine now. And to my greatest surprise the products of Campco are now widely available in all stores and that too with vivid types like Melto, Turbo, Krust etc. and that too in mini packs also for sweetening tongue in time!! I realize that my coming days are going to get engaged with these guys for sure. . . .

When my friends used to tell that i am like a child in the case of eating chocolates, i just smile to them; not just because i love chocolates but thinking about the situation which forced me to do so. Earlier it was like, i found consuming chocolates as so loving when ever i feel depressed and it helped me in having a childish feel inside helping to divert from thoughts. I bet it really helped and from one of my friends i knew that, its truth too. 

               Later on, the treatment i have been undergoing for a long time  for RA , it has added a large set of medicines in my daily schedule to consume. Taking it over and over in time, i felt like my tongue has really lost the touch of taste in enjoying dishes. And it is really interesting that chocolate emerged as a solution in front of me by making me happy and helps to feel the taste of it every time i have it. . . .and so no option guys. . . .my chocolate mission continues forever. . . . :-)

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