Friday, January 21, 2011

Lost and found!! Yup, this time i am lucky. . . .

In the fast pace of life, its quite natural that we people get busy with one or other work and we become careless too sometimes. And what happens in that occasions is that we become little absent minded for a while, which in return leads to loss of some stuff we are carrying. It can range from a small hankie to an expensive smartphone and not only that, whatever stuff we carry while being on travel. And most of the time the realization that we have lost it will come only after a long time and that time decides our percentage of luck in getting the lost thing back.

The previous day me too have gone through such a situation and i am happy to share the news that i am indeed very lucky to get it back.

Since my parents were going to my sister's house in Alapuzha to attend a function, few of my relatives too was joining them and so my dad assigned me the job of picking them in evening from their home a day before itself, since the train by which they are going Alapuzha have pretty early morning departure time. As scheduled i went on car to my native place to pick them and since my parents have already informed them they were ready and we planned to drive back after having a coffee since the night has already started to fall and we hoped to reach back home by the time of dinner. Back on wheels and driving hardly two kilometers i realized that something was missing. . . . With a shock, Yes my Bluetooth Headset!!

Buying a bluetooth headset for attending calls was not of any special interest for me since i had considered it as a bit show off while surrounded by public. But when our family bought a car and we used to take long rides in time, i realized that though attending calls while driving is not a problem for me, but it surely upsets the co-passengers at that time; and if the traffic too become dense, i avoided attending calls for the time being for the matter of safety. Thats the moment when buying a bluetooth headset striked my mind since i am sure it will definitely solve the problem. And i am happy that from the time i have bought it, i didnt have any problems till today in attending calls while on drive. So the missing of the same really hit like a shock over me.

Usually while leaving the car, I used to keep the bluetooth headset inside the car only, since i use it only while driving.  But this time i carelessly put it inside my shirt pocket itself and i could visualize the way i have lost it. Only confusion remains is that whether it has fallen inside or outside the car while i just took the car few minutes back. An easy check on the smartphone screen itself helped me to realize that the bluetooth pairing has been disconnected and so the headset not near anyway. Without wasting time i started the engine and drove back to my relatives home hoping to get it back though i was not quite sure about it. Time was already 8:30pm and due to the absence of any street lights nearby, it was only my car's head light which provided me assistance to search near the premises of their gate. As every second passed i could sense my heartbeat rising and my hope of finding it back was lowering. It was that very moment when i spotted a black stuff lying in the ground among the tiny stones. . .Ooops. .Its what i have been searching. .  my bluetooth headset!!! Besides the presence of few scratches over the body due to the falling impact, the headset was working perfectly like before. . .

Most of the time when i lose any stuff like this, i hardly get it back and i used to console myself, though i feel very sad deep inside. But this time when i got it back,  i am really overwhelmed with happiness and felt all this incident as a miracle . . . While driving back home i felt very much relived and thanked god for making me lucky this time. . . .

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