Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When Passion Vs Time for achieving matters

                     The passion for taking photos has been my companion from my school days itself, when i could barely hold an analog camera in my hand without shivering and take snaps. But from then itself, i used to get appreciations from the people who see it; not because of the clarity but for the subjective nature and the way in which i have shot the pic. To be frank i tried all those shots by the inspiration i got from watching a lot of movies and i am sure that it helped a lot too in all my way till today.
                    As time passed and when i started my college days while picking a mobile phone, i chose a model with camera like i have decided earlier itself because i don't want to miss capturing any moment which i felt special on the go. And from then i took the love for photography inside me to a very next level that my camera eye opened to capture a lot of precious moments whenever i travel no matter of time or distance. I can say like, i have now a whole range of more than thousand pics which i can showcase of these kind. Currently i am using a smartphone having a 3.2 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics which helps to brilliantly capture the moments with out losing the beauty; but still buying a digital camera have been my dream for a long time.

                    After studying, analyzing reviews, checking the common problems occurring for the users, overall product rating etc for more than a month in web and mainly trying to fit within my budget of purchase i finalized a model of Canon. It may be a coincidence but when i put a call to one of my friend, he too suggested the same brand only, since he had bought a similar model and is completely satisfied with its performance. This added the urge inside me to finalize the decision the sooner and buy the camera. Besides the condition of my health for which i have even took leave from office today, i went to the nearest ATM outlet by noon and withdraw the amount needed. Since my parents have already decided to have shopping house hold stuff in evening, i thought like i would buy the camera during the time they do shopping. For a matter of giving surprise, i didnt even informed my parents about my plan. While driving to town my mind was filled with excitement of owning a camera very soon.

                    But things didnt worked like i expected. After dropping my parents in a super market for buying things, i went in search of shops dealing with Canon. To my great disappointment most of them were having products of Sony and other companies only. But for the love i have for Canon lens which have created a big image in my mind by the reviews i have read all these months, shared from friends etc, i was least interested in other products. I was also a little hesitant to pick one from Duty paid shops for the doubt of genuineness. When the final shop i visited from where my friend have bought a Canon, it was really sad to know that their stock too have been sold out in the eve of new year. The only thing i could do which they suggested is to wait for a week or more for their next stock to come which i accepted happily because by then i have really made up my mind fully to pick only a Canon. After noting down the contact number by which i can put a call over to them for enquiring the details in coming week, i drove back to the shop where my parents were still busy purchasing stuff for home.

Now what remains as a slight confusion in my mind is that, with the full money ready on hand now, will i be able to survive the love for Canon with same frequency in coming weeks till my desired model come to store or will my mind be deviated to other models due to lack of patience or reviews from other sources. . . .
Just, have to wait and see. . . .

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  1. Heyy!!! Confusion and all over and i bought the new camera three days back. .Guess what model?? .Canon itself!!!! :)
    But since i got busy as one of my relative passed away, i was out of station for the past few days and it was just from yesterday that i started experimenting my Canon. . I have shared the shots taken with my new camera via SNS and got awesome feedback.
    Actually i am really in love with my Canon now. . :)


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