Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mumbai Travel Epilogue...

                  Hello friends, it was during the journey to Mumbai and the whole time spent there, that i became fond of micro blogging and right from the beginning of my journey, the vivid moments i had spent in mumbai, and finally all my way back home, i used to update each and every moment i go through, as Facebook Status updates. May be travelling alone to such a long distance can be the soul reason for such an activity from my part. Huh! anyway it has done only good to me, since i had a feel that, i was always accompanied by my friends who keep on sharing their thoughts with my updates as i move on. And the nice part is that i even started blogging.
                So here is that travel epilogue; in other words the status updates of FB coupled with the snaps i have taken from the day my journey started, April 15th to April 27th, the day i am back home after bidding bye to Mumbai...

Enjoying Sceneries from inside the netravathi express and heading towards Mumbai.. :-)
April 15 at 6:30pm

Its night time approaching and i can see during the journey, in front of most of the houses, little children are having fun with fireworks.. Its really a beautiful scene to be enjoyed as the cold of night is covering me little by little..
April 15 at 8:00pm

i must be crazy..but its really interesting to check out the current strange place using google maps, every half an hour, at this point of night...and knowing the strange names of places along the konkan coast
April 16 at 3:52am

As i usually sleep less even at home, the journey during this night time is really a wonderful experience for matter the only light i could see now is the one coming from my smartphone only.. :-)
April 16 at 3:58am

My dad just called me a few minuts b4 to know where have i reached and all..i was surprised that he called me this early morning 4am to ask me this,he couldn sleep and all...but couldn stop laughing when i knew that, my little nephew jagan was crying and creating a mess that time and my mom &dad were trying hard to console him.. :-)
April 16 at 4:04am

i could hardly see any light from houses here on the way..just dont know whether there is even house or not..but my phone range dropped only less all these time..thanks to Airtel for providing a gateway via internet for me now..though my second no Aircel is hardly coping up to maintain even the range.. :-)
April 16 at 4:11am

Guddu Mornning Guys..its dawn and im still in the course of journey only...i always wish to take long rides on my bike alone and i had did too..but now i realised travellin alone is also a same kinda experience i im not at all fed up by the journey..but wish its little more longer.. :-)
April 16 at 7:35am

im now passing throug a place named BHANDARwadi..i guessed how its got the name, but confused how the people of this place also will be.. :-)
April 16 at 7:42am

U may feel me as kiddish...but im travelling in this route for de 1st time, & i really appreciate those guys who made this konkan rail route possible..when i googled im really amazed that im just passing through a set of small and large 2000 bridges and 92 tunnels!!
April 16 at 8:02am

As the sun is getting hotter and hotter, the air pushing through my face is giving a heating massage effect..still its nice..coz i really feel like its not much hotter here when compared to our record 42 degrees in kerala..
April 16 at 1:55pm

My eyes just got stuck up with a dude ridin a pulsar, in the parallel road along the rail route..the road is so empty that he too seems to enjoy riding..the whole place is surrounded by mountains and the road aft few kms follows a wobble pattern and series of turns..i wish,i were him coz i love to ride in places like that..:-(
April 16 at 2:03pm

Thanks to idea that i choosed the side window berth, so that i never missed even a single portion of the night i enjoyed the cold breeze which softened my thoughts, while now the hot air being blown like from a hair dryer.. :-)
April 16 at 2:12pm last reached mumbai in evening guys..had a little walk in evening roaming the streets 4 a while..had a fine dinner..and now having chit chat with my cousins...
April 16 at 10:45pm

Guddu Mornning Guys..hope u all have a great wishing u like this coz i hope one among u, will wish me the same..he he..
April 17 at 7:34am

Its really a different experience, on seeing the life style of people we know, who lives in different is really packed with vivid situations ..
April 20 at 5:06pm

Im roaming from place to place from flats in Mumbai of my relatives in Lalbagh,Gurageon,Vasai,Thane,Bandup and still continuing.. :-) Dont know whether i can visit everyone in the few days left..
April 20 at 5:20pm

All these years i have only heard the Word Gateway of India...thanks to my cousin Sunita, that i had sometime to spend around it yesterday...its really awesome..and as the night descended the view became more and more awesome...And there stood the Taj Hotels in glory along the side.. and i had chance to enjoy the boating too.. :-) it was really a beautiful night..
April 20 at 5:30pm

Guddu Mornning Guys..have a wonderful day.. :-)
April 21 at 8:32am

" We will keep on thinking of everything and get confused or lost, when we have ample free time.... But if we are busy and get ourself engaged, we wil hardly find time for any stuff like that..."
April 21 at 9:48am was nice day roaming with my kutti pattalam Abhi,Nishu &Leishu and my cousins... Enjoyed the nehru planetorium view and then had fun with them in the shoe house in the kamala nehru park too... :-) It was really a nice view of Mumbai city from the Malabar hills.. In the evening we visited Chowpatty Beach and had the vision of the beautiful sea link too. 
April 21 at 5:20pm 

I used to sleep hardly 3-4 hours at night, when i was in my hometown..but dont know why aft being here in this new place, de last thing, i remem every night at 12 is my smartphone screen & the next thing i see, is 9 o clock ticking in the watch in morning..:-) so i became lazy or getting easily tired ?
April 22 at 9:38am mapping is really superb and im getting addicted to it, on travel, as well as exploring the city alone..wherever im in,i never got stuck up or even ask anyone the way..thanks to google for its perfect routing from point to point..just we have to be aware of the destinations name clearly.. :-)
April 22 at 3:17pm

For having little fun,instead of taking bus/Taxi, i just took a walk of around 5 kms exploring the places all the way, till i reach the Nehru Science Centre...the hot sun really made me fully wet even before i reached there..still i was not tired, coz i was more thrilled in finding the place just with the help of Gmaps.....i swear, i dint asked even a single person, about the route all the way...
April 22 at 3:41pm

It was really nice to explore new places all by yourself without anyones help..
PS:i had told my relatives, that i wil be goin only by taxi..he he. And even then i had to convince them a lot for going alone.. :-)
April 22 at 3:46pm

The day was nice..Can be told like a learnin day..coz I was really fascinated by the collection of working models in the Nehru Science Centre,which explained different phenomenon, even the tough ones, in a very easy way..took me more than 3 hours to explore all the stuff.. The last place i had visited like the same, is the Visveswarya tech museum in Bangalore
April 23 at 12:39am

In the evening, i had a little walk with my cousins near our flat in Lalbagh itself..suprised on seeing the set of connected shops in large numbers..offering A 2 Z stuff..the rates too comparatively lower when compared to my hometown..and the nice thing is that we can bargain and reduce the price tag even more.. :-)
April 23 at 12:48am

While shopping,Bargaining for reducing the price tag is also an art..which i dont have.. :-( and the result is i loose little money when i compared the prices of the stuff i had bought with another shop.. So next time i wil take care " Not to compare prices for things i had bought" :-)
April 23 at 12:53am

And now im in bed with my little cousin Nishu..and he is engaging me with all the crazy stuff he can do..he too not feeling sleepy i think so..since he had a superb long nap in noon :-)
April 23 at 12:58am

My little cousin Nishu is craze about Ben10..he tries all the Ben10 watch, strikers etc. even now while im microbloginng in facebook, he wish to see Ben10 games or atleast the wallpapers of it..cute fellow.. I wonder how this Brand Ben10 became this much popular in a few years..
April 23 at 1:02am

im not a blogger nor i have tried creating one all these years..but now i feel like its high time for me to try it..and the 1st thing im gonna do wen im back home is create one..thanks to FB for becomin a platform for igniting me vth such an idea..
April 23 at 1:06am

People Look For Perfect Person To Love, But they Fail To Realise That a Person becomes Perfect only when we begin to Love them Sincerely....!
April 23 at 8:22am

Guddu Mornning Guys..have a rocking day.. :-)
April 24 at 8:31am

hello guys..sdy i was too tired to even change my status or have fun In just commented this an that on my friends post.. :-)
April 24 at 8:35am

As Exploring the city getting interested, i took a ride in bus and visited the Mahalaxmi temple yesterday..but hardly i noticed in the calender that it was friday, and i was welcomed by a big crowd matter its our purpose to see god, so me too stood in the long queue,while noticing each and every stuff related... to god,in the shops on both sides....there was too many items to select and buy..
April 24 at 8:42am

It was a bit disappointing that photography was not allowed in the temple premises..may be for security reasons, but a snap becomes part of our memories and i really missed it..:-(
April 24 at 8:45am

im a person who feels like each and every moments of our life shud be treasured by photos..coz later on when we check it, each snap will have a story to tell us..and wil take us to that very moment atleast for a second... now a days im capturing videos too which wil be much more interesting to view aft a long time...i ...hope u guys too do the same..coz time once gone never returns..
April 24 at 8:52am

The song "Piya Haji Ali" was familiar for me, but it was yesterday noon that i could actually visit the place Haji Ali.. located at a distance from the shore, there was a narrow path of around 1km in to the sea where this mosque is situated surrounded by water...all the way towards was crowded by small stuff sellers and we could hardly realize that v r walking on a narrow pathway..
April 24 at 9:02am

Its really nice to spend evening time in Haji Ali, since the whole place was surrounded by water, but i really wish they should have kept the place much more was not the shops but the small hotels itself situated there ruining the sanctity of the place..coz near the main entrance the people are welcomed by roasted chickens hanging like display cards and making de whole place weird smell..
April 24 at 9:10am

Since mumbai is a new place for me, i simply rely more on trains than bus coz, i picked a wrong bus yesterday misguided by the bus number given by a person and atlast to avoid more confusion, i just picked a taxi to get to the nearest railway station and got back home.. :-)
April 24 at 9:18am

All these days i have been trying, variety of fuddings like Vada Paav, Paav bhaji, Paani Poori,Sev Puri,Bhel puri etc..and relished the real taste of it.. coz what some people make in my home town and name as Bhel puri & pani poori is simply hoax and v have to pay double the rate too..
April 24 at 10:48am

Two days left on my schedule to return back to my hometown, i have hardly done any shopping except bought some little crazy stuff and show piece.. Just confused whether i shud invest seriously on any electronic gadgets, that not sure of how long it wil last..
April 24 at 10:53am

It was delightful shopping since yesterday buying things which i found peculiar and it was very cool to shop dressing stuff from the factory outlet itself with considerable discount...should thank my cousin santosh, for taking me to the right place to shop dressing stuff..
April 25 at 6:33pm

Branded and non branded r de confusion factor for shopping dress, since its like taste Vs budget, and so too me always worried abt de quality too.. But wen i visited de direct factory outlets, im really satisfied vth de money i spent der, coz of de reduced price tag they offered...and so i simply escaped from the bargaining situation,which i hate, if i had bought from normal shops..
April 25 at 6:40pm

It was really funny to shop baby dress and other stuff like shoes, towels,caps etc for my little Jagan..i was just amazed by the variety of dress types the shop offered for children..but when came to purchasing toys, since he is just 3 months old, i could find only a few set of them, satisfying his age criteria..huh it...s only a starting of shopping for him na..will get nice stuff in future too as he grows.. :-)
April 25 at 6:48pm

This sunday morning i had chance to visit the Krishna temple in Matunga also called as Kochu Guruvayur in was nice to see all the gods well place inside the temple with the same tradition and pooja like in south india..
April 25 at 6:55pm

Actually i got addicted vth the scent of the dhoop sticks used here, and so i bought variety of them in plenty,(nice ones suggested by my cheriachan)...surely my mom is gonna surprised vth de numbers.. :-)
On exploring the market i was really surprised on seeing the freshness of the vegetables available here..they seems like they are made of wax!!
April 25 at 7:08pm

After buying the garments for my parents & sis now the only thing left in my shopping list is the mumbai sweets, which i plan to buy tonight only ,since it shud not get spoil even b4 i reach home..or else me itself have to finish it off during the journey.. :-)
April 25 at 7:08pm

Guddu Mornning Guys.. It Was really a nice leisure time in Mumbai, and im returning to my hometown today...after this trip, i really feel like i should visit different places in time to have a cool change and relaxation of mind..and im gona stick to this new resolution.. :-)
April 26 at 7:19am

Signing off from in netravathi express heading towards kerala, and a chance to explore the konkan route once again..:-)
April 26 at 12:02pm

Before coming to mumbai i have heard about the hijras, who wil ask money in train, else will embrass us..i met one while coming here, & gave money too to her.. But what suprised me now is that, the same one came now too..she may have not recognized me..but for me its de only one of that kind met here...may be the perso...n who welcomed me , as well as bid me bye unknowingly in this new place..anyway thanks.. :-)
April 26 at 12:10pm

Guddu Mornning still on my way back to my home, & to my surprise im greeted by a superb Harthal in kerala..really nice and pretty expansive too, coz my train too stuck up here in Payannur about 4 hours and still not moving..:-(
April 27 at 9:51am

hello guys..check with this website to avoid trouble while u r travellin.. make sure u keep updating harthal schedule.. :-)
April 27 at 10:01am

The only thing to kill time in this train compartment is the book of sherlock holmes i brought yesterday...but the hot climate is making me feel like, im sitting inside an oven!!
April 27 at 10:05am

I dont know why its only Kerala, who take every strike so seriously!!
April 27 at 10:07am

Fed up being inside train since yesterday 11am, i just managed to get inside a connecting train to pkd from shornur just totally exhausted..just wishing to reach home de sooner..Mean while a call came to me, from a person who knows me "helo da, can u explain the procedure for installing windows and formatting, ...installing drivers etc" U cud guess my reaction.. :-)
April 27 at 5:44pm

This stupid strike has ruined my whole stucked in train..or else i wil be relaxing in my home now.. Huh let me see, whether the prices are getting down from tomoro,coz of this strike.. :-/
April 27 at 5:51pm

wow ie really cool..the climate got changed suddenly and its raining heavily..thank god.. Really a big relief... Just one thing, i have to run as soon as the train reach pkd.. :-)
April 27 at 6:03pm

its really a nice feel of goin back home..thrill to see everyone aft this little gap..coz im too home sick guy.. Welcomed by a nice rain in my hometown and the gentle breeze showering all over my body as i travel in an auto, is making me more excited..
April 27 at 6:32pm

Feeling so sleepy today..Now itself,mobile fall of from my hand two times... So Guddu Nittu Guys.. :-)
April 27 at 11:32pm



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