Saturday, May 1, 2010

My First one...How actually it is born!!!

Hmm..and at last here im, in this blog creation page...coz in the past few days i realized like, this is the place where i could just express everything in my own way....
It was really wen i was out of town for a few days & i had least access to any PC, since i always worry of using my accounts in strange PC & i was logging from my smartphone only, & keep on contacting my friends who were in orkut, facebook etc..
Dont know why i was so excited being in a new place like Mumbai, that i wish to share each & every moments with my frnds & i keep on posting in Facebook...and to my surprise i became so addicted to it that i posted more than ten posts evry day in Facebook status..& hence i felt like, why cant i just shift it in to pure blogging than simple status updates....& here im ,back at home, in front of my PC creating a blog of my own...may be a beginning of something very interesting in my life.....

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