Monday, May 3, 2010

I fear dark!!!

Everyone will have a fear for something in their life, which they keep to themselves as a secret and when comes to my case its not at all a secret...Coz most of the people close to me know very well that i am afraid of dark a lot...
                      In this age i may be talking crazy like this, but what i am telling is truth only. At times i have thought like i have the courage to withstand even the wild animal attacks, but when comes to the matter of dark, i just set back..huh i fear ghosts!!! I even imagine their shapes being generated according to my illusion, as long as i stare at the dark portion and i cant stop doing it. Even now as i am typing, i just make sure that the windows in my room are closed, coz my mystic mind create character faces with the leaves of the branches and like they are waving at me.
                  Dont know from when i start fearing like this, but i have a vague memory that from my schooling's itself  the ghosts stories was really popular,since a crematorium was near the school and every student develops a story of his own and i am very fond of hearing it from my friends ,but at the same time fearing and losing sleep at that very night. My mom knows it well, coz she had suffered a lot , since i want her to accompany even to the next room. I am glad that i am not like that now, still i have that very fear inside me, coz i believe like if there is a god, there can be a chance of the presence of the devil too..
                   But to the contrary, i always have a great taste for watching English horror films and i have pretty nice collection of them too with me. So my passion for watching those continues and the fear too, only increasing as the day passes on... may be it will end one day, when i really saw a ghost and fails to recognize him... :-)

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