Sunday, May 23, 2010

Music helps me in healing myself....

                   Its quite familiar as everyone know that, music is really a medium of healing person from mental stress, confused state of mind etc. And for me too, it was no different except the fact that, it used to be mild music which helps a normal person recover from the stress he has been undergoing. But in my case, i used to listen to hard rock, trance and DJ mix collection stuff  that too in very high volume, to have myself relieved from what i am going through.

              It may feel strange, but what results me after following the scenario is a complete relief and i am back with full fledged energy, ready for any next operation. This has only made me stick to this procedure as a routine when ever the situation matters. For that only, i always make sure i have the desired tracks in my smart phone as well as in my PC, or even in my pen drive wen i am on a ride. But since, i am having a 3 months nephew in my house now, i felt like it wont be fine to put music in high volume and  more over since i dont like hearing songs via headphones, when situation demands , i just find my car as an alternative for hearing the same, and since she posses fantastic sony Xplod speakers, its really like a musical treat for me while being inside her... :-)

           Today what happened is quite interesting. As i was experiencing a bit of head ache for some time, to get my head as well as my mind clear, i got inside the car wishing to enjoy the music; that too specifically a song which i got via Face book updates, Amplifier by Imran Khan. I got so thrilled by the song so that, i hardly noticed at what high volume its being played. It was after sometime only, that i noticed something strange happening. The beats within the song was creating really a thumping effect  around the car that, my doggie Prince got so confused and was walking around the car and checking out whats happening and then running in time too and fro. It was really funny to see him doing this and i was enjoying this lying inside the closed car , while the song was still playing in background, creating the thumping effect as the night begins to fall...

PS: One thing i realized that, doggies can understand any voice no matter small or large from any distance, but it hardly can enjoy music... :-)

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