Thursday, May 27, 2010

I wanna be young....

Anti-aging is a phenomena that almost every person dreams off in their life. Just coz no one really wants to get older as time passses. A thought like that was born inside me, based only  on one reason, a slightly sad experience from the past.

"I still remember once she had told me years before that, she could not feel me as her love, just coz i was little out of shape at that time and we were meeting after a couple of months as usual. It had hurt me a lot and really took me days to recover from that shock. I dont want her feel the same way the next time she may come to see, dont know when will it happen. May be after years.... by that time, when she looks at me, I will be looking the same way as she had wished to see, but i wont be able to smile as my eyes would have been closed for ever...."

PS: Its really a good day for me, since when i checked my weight, i realized that , i has put down around 4 Kg in just two months, which adds to my happiness a lot....a feel like i am getting younger....

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