Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweet Sleep accompanied by a wonderful dream..

Its only when i heard a message tone from  my smartphone, that i checked the time and it was 12:20pm..approximately 12 hours after i get in to my bed yesterday night, after creating the blog and checking around all the settings in it.. 
          Actually i am not a smooth sleeper and i hardly sleep around 3-4 hours daily coz of my craze of being in front of the PC fulltime. I have late sleep schedule every night and what happens in morning is that, i cant skip the office timings by being late so have to woke by 6:45am daily. But what happened today is really strange..obviously its a Sunday i know which is off for my work..and i am not even bothered about my skipped breakfast...but what keeps on filling my thoughts after i woke up is the dream which i had yesterday night...during this long sleep of 12 Hours.

         Its said like we can hardly recollect the dreams we saw and in my case too its nothing different. As a person interested in photography and wishing to be in close contact with the nature, i always dream of visiting new places, away from the noise produced by be precise a forest in the heart of the mother nature. The dream i saw really took me there and i remember partially that, i had a companion too, more or less like a guide itself watching out my steps and giving instructions. 
           The whole place was surrounded by trees who stood like, they are touching the sky. We were like running very fast between them and at times using the large branch roots as support for swinging.. I can remember the thumping effect under my leg, as i run among those tress now also coz the last time i had ever run is for a racing competition  in my school, which was held years back... I had a glimpse of the deep down valleys flowing far below which made me realized the altitude at which i am travelling over the trees.. The cold breeze flowing all over was giving me a smoothing effect for my running, but i have to be concerned about the mist which appeared between the trees ,which blocked my vision in meantime. Still at a far distance i can see my companion looking back in time , just to check whether i am able to follow..Exploring deep inside the forest with all green around,and the voice of the water flowing in distance, my memory could hardly pickup all of the things i saw as we proceeded..
                                    I dont know at what point of the dream i woke up from sleep but all i can say is that, it was really a wonderful experience..coz i can still feel it now.. and hoping that i will have a chance to visit that place in future...

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