Sunday, May 9, 2010

Im addicted to coke !!

Yes u read it right..i am really addicted to Coca-Cola. I am not sure, from when did the love for soft drinks born inside me, specifically Coke, but for now, i can only say that i just cant be without it..or i will rather be restless, until i have it in my hands. To avoid that helpless situation, i always make sure that my fridge contains enough cans as backup.

       It may seems crazy, but its a fact that i just dont  like any fresh juice drinks or any kinda shake. And coz of that, every time when i am out for a birthday treat or any occasion of that kind, i just dont have to spend time in making a selection from the menu, while my friends will be pretty busy choosing the right one from the most cases they select the one, they haven't tried matter they understand the name or not! I wonder how these drinks were christened..thunder, tropic, sun burst .etc. So in that situation, i stick on to my usual Rose milk, which i find comfortable in places like that, but that too realizing the helpless situation that my favorite coke is not there.. :(

   It is really painful that in times i have to search a lot of shops to buy coke, since pepsi products are easily available in shops in Kerala. May be coz of some problems and incidents which had happened associated with Coca-Cola company in Palakkad years back. And near my house none of the shops contains coke products too, which puts me in a very situation that i have to buy from town itself. Guess what; i even put reminder on my smart phone to purchase them in time.  Am i crazy guys? :)

        During the love for these kinda soft drinks, i have come through a variety of funny incidents too. It was during a 3 day trip that my friend who noticed my love for having coke even at time of having meals, he too started ordering the same and continued it at very stoppages we had during the journey. I noticed it , but didn't even asked a word about it, since i thought like he may feel bad. As the trip went on fine and when we were having a little halt on the mean while at a renowned temple, at midnight past one, we both decided to take a walk outside and enjoy the cool  breeze, since there was ample time till dawn for visiting the temple . i should say that i really enjoy it and wish to do it always, though its not practically possible to walk at midnight here safely.
                 Walking beside the shops which are neatly decorated with lights, their connected nature with the adjacent shop, and the lights altogether really gave a feel of a garland held over the mother earth . Exploring the shops one by one and buying interesting stuffs, we became little exhausted.. Moreover the chillness of night was overriding us. After getting inside a hotel nearby, the very first thing  my friend ,who was already trembling with cold, ordered was a coffee. And guess what would have i asked for me. Coke as usual.!! My friend was really shocked and he shouted that i am really mad, that he never expect me ordering a chill Coke, at that point of night, coz believe me, the clock was showing 2:15 AM..!!

Yes buddy.. Im really addicted to Coke...Cheers!!!

PS: I dont know why he didnt tried having coke that time also with me, like he has done for the past two days. May be afraid that he might get cold. LOL

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