Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It was really a devotional evening...

Its like my routine to get engaged with social networking fulltime, when ever i am back at home from office, since i have least habit of taking even a walk in the evening. Today i was a bit more tired that, its my bed who took the priority to settle me down, rather than getting engaged with my PC. After having a little nap it was during my snacks time that i noticed a new message in my inbox from my friend.
                Though the little nap was pretty uncomfortable and failed to drive away my tiredness, still my eyes was too blurry to read the message content clearly and also i couldnt make out my usual guess over it. When i double checked it, after having a face wash, a smile started over my face, thinking, there is no wonder in that, i couldnt guess the message content earlier. It was a small list of slokams & stotras my best friend has sent, asking me to download.
                                Being in a successful married life, adding to her happiness, she is now carrying baby inside since 3 months. As elder people used to say, she too thought like, it would be very nice to hear devotional things during this time, since the baby inside will have a proper growth and also the mother too can avoid health issues to an extent and have peaceful state of mind. So it has now become my sweet responsibility to do as she had wished. 
              The list seems very familiar since my mom too was very much involved in hearing those of same kind and she have a nice collection. Even then, i thought like downloading all of myself in mp3 format than ripping from audio cds. The list goes like Lalita sahasranaama, Ganesha sahasranaama, Vishnu sahasranamaa...Switching on my PC, the very thing i did just after connecting to internet is, search for the 1st song in the list. The results really put me in a confusion since, there were so many artists who have performed the same song and so which one should i prefer over the other.To avoid further confusion and loss of time, i just put her a call and clearly rectified which are all she wish to hear. Back to my PC after the call for downloading the songs, i had never thought like its gonna keep me fully occupied and present me a beautiful feeling as the night falls...
          As my internet bandwidth was only capable of giving moderate speed, i thought like i will download all these songs and will login to my social networking sites later.So googling one by one in the list i queued them in the download manager. But as time passed, i had feel like its gonna take much more time and so i simply add one of the completed song in my media player; to check how is it and also to know how it feels. 
                 The lalita sahasranaama which i selected to hear began to flow through the speakers and fill the environment. i listened to it lying back on my chair and at the same time checking the progress in the download manager of the songs yet to complete. As the song continued to play, it really created a calm feeling inside me, which was really a refreshing one, since the time too was evening and my mom was busy lighting the lamp and with her prayers.The scent of the agarbathis which flowed in to my room, all way from the hall added a divinity to the whole situation. I realized how reliefing and at the same time powerful can be these songs in taking over the mind and spreading freshness and i really wish like, let me be blessed with such a enviornment every day..

                 I keep on adding each of the completed song to the playlist and It was when the power gone without any reason that, i had to come out of it and switch off the speakers. Even then i switched off the PC only after i downloaded the remaining songs using the backup supply....still dont know why i did like that.. I thank her too inside my mind, since she became the reason for such a nice evening filled with devotional touch...

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