Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Life is sometimes just the days of countdown to death

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In a beautiful world filled with lots of unique identities and supernatural things, it would be taken as uncommon if i say that there is nothing worth to live here anymore. But the fact is that if a person have spent his entire lifetime devoted to a particular person through a magical feeling called love, then if at anytime a situation comes like his soul-mate is not gonna be with him anymore, then for that person the so called beautiful world and supernatural things matters nothing; because their entire world have been shut down from his life making him blind forever. Such people have no world to explore but have miles and miles of thoughts to explore from within.

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 Solitude is a beautiful feeling to cherish, if one attains to gain control over it through years of silent practice as their every step of life is associated with it making it a perfect mold in time. Its more like composing a music which our heart wishes to play in every heartbeat and the perfect sync is achieved in time making the life more smoother. But time brings changes in everything and certainly life too and there comes moments when music will play off the beat and yet we will feel like our life is flying high. Emotions and feelings play a wonderful bonding with heart during this period making the people so close that they cant literally separate themselves. But at the same time relationship would have gone sensitive to that much level that even a slight misunderstanding will result in a catastrophe. Its that moment when the sweetness delivered by a relation is shadowed by the challenging situations itself to maintain the relation because of repeated misunderstanding and small fights.

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Whats more important to be taken in to account is that to whatever situation this fights may proceed in time, we should never ever involve a third person in to this scenario even for a compromise. Because it will only increase more timely issues to arise even as ego clashes which will kill the relation so brutally. Then wondering how this situation will be overcome? Purely by dedication to their love for themselves inside heart which exist deep rooted inside making a perfect magnetic bond keeping them close. But sadly time have the power to bring changes in that too and and a perfect comeback of a relation at state depends on luck too sometimes.

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So all i wish to say is that, Life is something which we should learn to accept and believe that changes can happens at anytime making the entire flow turbulent and sometimes may even push to situations like there is no hope ahead. Lets accept the fact and move on and make the gifted life of god more meaningful and appreciable. No one will love to remember sad moments, but happy moments can make even a sad person feel different and gift him at-least one minute of pleasure. With a positive hope keep on going and  as everyday we pass on we are just getting one day more close to death. . .

Yes, the count down of death have began the moment you are born, so just make yourself feel worthy of every single day you live. . .

feelings conveyed by,
A soul dead a decade before. . . .


  1. wonderful post..!!

    Heyy, I have shared my Liebster award with you, please have a look

  2. Your writing is so good..I can't stop reading it again and again!
    Gr8 blog :) following!

    1. Ah, thanks dear. Your words made my day. Actually i write very rarely & that too while feeling immense pain. And may be that's why its all done in a single stretch & after that i again gets lost in solitude. . Happy reading my friend, have a nice time. :)

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