Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Smile. . . i can see it everywhere and inside me too now

       Its said like few surprises carry a deep effect that it can make you feel totally forget yourself for a while. And if that is something which you have least expected since a long time, the effect it can bring to your mind is truly mesmerizing to such a level that, we fail to express it in words. That's how i felt when i saw her pic after a long time . . a very long time.

Pic Source : Google
 A portrait is something which can be grabbed easily with even a mobile camera  in a couple of seconds, but it matters much if the person whom we wish to be near is long lost years before, even before when the camera feature in mobile was considered as a luxury and not reachable to common men. Yeah, i belong to that decade when we were fancying around with Walkman in pockets & analog camera in hands. And being dependent on the family that time, its natural that i couldn't even use it take snaps like i wish & the few ones i managed to take with help of our friends too was lost when we had part years before. .But it has least impact on me since i have never felt the absence of a pic to remember her , because her face is stored deep inside me.

Pic Source : Google
Its really interesting that when i noted the date of the pic, it was shared exactly an year ago before today, in social networking site when she had gone outing with her better half. It was only me who was late to check it as i have stopped searching about her whereabouts long before itself to keep my promise to her family that i will never disturb her nor her life. Its so beautiful to know that their family have grown with the blessings of almighty and is blessed with a little kid too. The smile in their faces shows how much gifted their life is and i feel so happy inside that finally all the pains i have gone through these years after the breakup have not been in vain. Because i may not have been able to provide a stable and lovely life she is enjoying now, by mind , by health and everything. . .

  Life is truly interesting and it makes me smile when i think of each and every beautiful moments i have been through, the smiles i have shared with my lost love when she was around me & the smile which is filling my face when i see her pic on screen now. . .

Pic Source : Google
And now also i don't have to keep her pic, as her face is already inside my heart as the most beautiful portrait i have drawn . . and her name imprint on my hand still hold as the most beautiful art  i cherish every moment i see it, as the living memory of the most beautiful time in my life . . .    
Keep smiling. . .




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