Monday, February 9, 2015

When you are Lost. . . .

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"People changes with time" , it's a saying we hear often and few people would have even seen that personally in their life. It's more like a usual thing happening in different stages of life and people are least bothered about it these days. But there are few people who failed to escape from the shackles of different incidents in their life and gets trapped in their memories forever. . a very handful of people. . .  Like me.

Life is supposed to be a mixture of both happiness and sorrows and it's only the lucky few who gets the blessing to stay happy forever. Others taste the bitter experience and still manage to move on either by cursing the fate or by just hoping that everything will be alright soon. It's been years since i have lost the most precious treasure in my life and I still can't figure out that, am I walking away from it for a new life now or moving more and more deeper inside and getting lost in memories. . .

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I too had dreams, may be more bigger than what my little heart can hold on that time and i still didn't let it go. It's said like when come to love, people becomes more childish and their world gets shrunk to their little dream world in which only two of them will be there; the cute little world full of love, where the only thing it matters is their beautiful relation. And one day when the truth hits a hard blow that, their world cease to exist, they fail to accept the reality and try to cling on to their belief that its all just a dream & when you wake up, everything will be alright. . . 

I am tired of hearing the word "Move on" from everyone who knows me, who cares me, But least they understand that finally when i tried doing just like they all wanted, after all these years, i terribly lost the pace & i felt like i am some other person.

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I realize that i am getting lost in memories, 
i am realizing that i am living more in past than in my present,

i am realizing that i am getting lost in myself for a life which now exist only in my dream,

But still i feel more secure in being myself left alone in my world than becoming someone i hardly know. . . 

May be i am Lost. . . 


  1. But still i feel more secure in being myself
    left alone in my world than becoming someone i hardly know. . . loved the lines!
    From the heart lovely writing! kuddos

    1. Hey, Thank you so much for showering your appreciation over my little work. Yeah, like you said its written by feeling the pain & may be that's why it feels close. Thank you once again dear. :)

  2. bleeding words from a broken heart. Stay blessed. short and touching words.

    1. Thank you Sathish for your kind words. Yeah, its just that some days are too beyond control and the only solution i found is to share it as words. Take care buddy :)

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