Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Losing the love for life. . . .

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The very thought strikes like a hard blow on head, but nevertheless it can be stated in any other way as every second of my life turns out to be a reminder of the same. May be everything is just an illusion and all I need is to wake-up and realize that everything was just a nightmare. . . But deep inside I know its not.


Is it true that a single life is not enough to experience everything in this world? I think it differs with perspective and we can hardly get an answer. Because it has to be considered that experiencing and understanding are two different sides of the same coin and the latter consumes a significant portion of our life to achieve. And while doing so the end result is still far from acceptable.
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Every time I have been puzzled at the very question that, what I have been doing in my entire life?
Am I doing something for myself or for others?
Am I really happy in time or just making myself believe that I'm so.
That's were the acceptance of life matters. We people keep on doing things for others most of the time just for a mere impression and literally fails every time to hear what our mind have to convey. 

If I have listened to that earlier, I wouldn't have dragged my life this much far. . . .

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