Sunday, May 16, 2010

There should be Rule for everything!!

hey.. dont get surprised, why all of a sudden i am shouting out such a statement. Its nothing yaar, but our day to day life's incidents only, of which some thing  which happens with out our notice and we happened to be in a frustrated and helpless situation..the same like which happened to me yesterday....

       It was evening, when my mom suddenly planned to go for a shopping in town, since she was running out of house hold stuff and didnt want to get messed up totally after a few days. Since the item list was pretty small, we decided to go in bike instead of our usual ride, car. Since i love riding my bike in evening time, i know it was going to be a lovely ride as the sun was setting down and i could enjoy the cool air as i ride on...but what happened later,was not that much fine!

        I remember overtaking a private bus which was parked on side for letting the passengers in and out, most of them who were so tired after a long day of work and returning to their homes and it was all of a sudden i felt something over my left hand, a little cold. In a jerk, when i checked, there was nothing on it specifically, though i had a very feel that some thing nasty happened. Coz there was a little smell of sweetener too..didnt understand the reason that time. As the night was approaching a bit faster, i didnt want to waste my time over it and we continued with the journey.

         It was little late, when i was back home, since my mom didnt just stick to shopping, but visiting some places too as usual; temple etc. I was a bit tired too, that i spent only a few minutes online and after having foodies went to have a pleasant sleep without bothering or really i can tell like, i hardly thought of what happened in evening during the ride.

     I was like Oh shit! when i saw my bike the next day morning. The side of the visor and the mud guard was looking really ugly with some red color shit stuff sticking and dried over it. It was nothing other than the Supari stuff spit by some idiot yesterday. And now everything happened yesterday became so clear in my mind and the thoughts of it made me really angry. 

I was so frustrated that i couldnt even had a chance to get that guy directly... Helpless too that nothing can be done now....

Yes..its truth that i cant do anything now...still what happened is not good too..

There may be lot of people who had experienced the same like me...

Yes..i really wish, there should be rule for stopping things like this from happening..

A rule which should be practiced as compulsory and penalty for those who fails to keep our environment clean and neat....


There Should Be Rule For Everything...!!!

PS: i still remember the funny dialog of my friend who exclaimed " Heyy, why rain at this time of the day " since we were travelling under hot sun in bike heading towards kovai for purchasing books. It was a minute later only that he realized, it was a weird artificial rain - created by a boy who got his stomach troubled & vomiting from the window seat of the bus going in front of us. Luckily i escaped since i was wearing helmet..Now knew the importance of the helmet too.. :) 


  1. Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons, sometimes, gross too!
    I am soo sorry to read about what happened to you. Some people can be so uncultured! spread the wisdom though! :)

    1. Yeah, life is really interesting as it unfolds its petals of secrets everyday in the most unexpected way. Like u have said it can be pricking too in time.. But that's the way life is. . right? Happy to know that you like my post.
      Interseting thing is that, life used to surprise us too sometimes making us happy in unique ways..feel free to go thru the post below.


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