Monday, February 14, 2011

Its really nice to have dear ones who care for us

Today is February 14th, celebrated as the Valentines day worldwide. . . a day to express, share and celebrate the love for our dear ones. . . .especially for those who are in love. . .really a wonderful day to enjoy which will be treasured as a sweet chapter in their life. . . .But for those who have lost their love in the pace of life, its only the sweet memories which they can cherish on this day leaving a deep pain inside the heart which they fail to suppress, even though what ever  reality they seems to realize, adjust and live with. 

Yes, true love lives inside your heart no matter how much successful you may be to hide it, u cant just forget it.

Its really painful to see a day as so common in our life, which was once a very special one for which we may have even prepared weeks in prior for collecting greeting cards, chocolates, small gifts etc. And most of them all, planning well to give surprises and happiness in the most sweet way that out dear one feel so heavenly with our presence. Its indeed true that being in love is the most beautiful part of a persons life. Those who are lucky enough to be gifted with love feels so much thankful to god as they feel like being in paradise itself. How ardently i wish and pray to god that those who are in love never part, since i realize how much pain it causes and leaves you a heart so empty with thoughts behind when we lose our loved ones.

All the day while getting engaged with work, i was just thinking that valentines day too has become just like any other day for me now and i smiled inside how life has changed all these years. It was then i received a call on my smartphone from a number so unfamiliar since it represent a number similar to the one of internet calling. Though i coudnt pick the call at first, since i was involved in an active conversion, i made sure to attend the same when it ranged the next time. It was my old friend who had gone abroad an year back. He has been my buddy since school days and what made us so close to each other is our view point of love. It may be a coincidence that he too was involved in a love affair at the same time while i was in love with my baby. And we used to share love related problems between us and how to be so true to our partners. But how unlucky is that fate too followed us in the similar way. Both of our love relations ended a few years back. May be ie why we both understand each other much better than others, that how much pain we are going through all these years. A pain which keeps burning inside heart which only people who have been in true love can feel. . .

I am really very much happy to have a talk with him since it has been months since we talked, though we used to contact via social networking on alternate days. I felt so much grateful when he told that he realize how lonely i may be feeling on this very day and ie why he called to make me feel comfortable. I am really feeling very much lucky to have a friend like this. . . Thank you dear. Though we both have lost our dear ones, those sweet memories gives us strength to go on since we have been true all the time. . . .

While standing alone today with whatsoever life have left with me, i still feel so much gracious to god for blessing me with this precious gift of love. . . .which even though i failed to keep as my own, i treasure  those sweet memories which lives within me now and forever. . . .

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