Monday, July 4, 2011

Smile can be gifted to you in unexpected ways

It was around 3:30 past noon and i was returning from office to home. The rain has just stopped a few minutes before and hence i ride my bike a little slow than usual, since i found the road  little slippery. But its true ,what the breeze do to us while driving bike in this climate is really cool...

It was just when leaving the bunk after filling petrol on my ride, i noticed the vehicle traveling in front of me. What i felt a little odd about it was its passengers. It was a truck carrying three mopeds in its back and also three people over the side having chit chat. Among them was there one person who looked like a  kind of freak out and was sitting over the moped itslef as if riding. I continued to drive without knowing that that he is gonna grab my attention little later.

As my ride continued and since  i was feeling very hungry, the thoughts was fully of having food at home the sooner. During that time, i noticed something strange acts being done, by that very person traveling in the truck. At first i thought he was waving hands to the persons he know, by chance on the road sides. But within few minutes i realized that he was not doing it to specific persons , but to every one he came across while he was traveling. He was finding some kind of pleasure in doing so and from his bright face with a natural smile, i felt like every person whom he waves hand too find this funny and were happy. 
                                       I dont know why, but i didn't felt like overtaking the truck and so traveled behind them. He began to notice me, but since i was wearing full face helmet he coudnt see my face clearly and so little hesitant to wave hands at me..may be confused how i would respond since i am traveling just behind them. He continued to do the same with every person who were walking beside the road or overtaking in bikes and even the people who were waiting at bus stops. By traveling behind them for few minutes and watching all these i felt like he is spreading happiness not only to everyone he see, but he was gifting me too a  smile inside and i felt very good. I thanked that unknown person for doing the same and really felt like thanking him directly or at least speak to him.

When it was just half kilometer to reach my home the truck slowed down at a stop, behind a waiting bus and me too stood just beside the truck in my bike. It was when our hero suddenly asked 
 " helo etta (brother) whats the mileage you are getting? "
 In a surprise of his sudden question, i couldn't hide the happiness rising in my face and  i managed to tell like i am getting around 45-50kmph. Then came his frank reply 
" my brother too bought this bike..really nice bike.."
His talking was really like he knew me since months and i was smiling all this time and during my thoughts came his second question 
" Is this bike 2 year old? "
When i replied like its 5 years old, he was surprised and appreciated for maintaining in very well...with that

I slowed down when i was about to cross the road to enter the sub-road to my home. I looked towards the truck, but he was busy talking to his friends on the truck about the bike, that he hardly noticed i left the road.

He is purely an unknown person..but the happiness he gave me was still leaving a smile even after  reaching home...and i greeted my mom with that smile...She too seems to convey it and may be satisfied that i had a happy day.

Never had thought that an unknown person can give us smile in our face....
If an unknown person can make us smile and spread happiness, why cant we do the same to all our dear ones....always....


  1. A lovely write-up. You shared the experience with such ease & yet I could relate to it. Loved your writing style. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

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  2. Thank Tanya for the appreciation and glad to know that my writing style is good enough to grab your attention. Coz i had always thought like my write-up is a cluster of my feelings and views in my own way and hence it wont be of any interest to others. .:)
    Then abt the game you refereed it really seems interesting. Will surely chk it out. . :)

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