Monday, September 13, 2010

Thats how my love for music started....

                                  Every one will have a passion for one or more things in their life....I am using a plural form here because,  in my case itself it goes like a pretty long list of passion for music, riding, surfing and a lot. Among them music has been my great companion all these years, by standing by my side in my good as well as my bad times....How and all the love for music started inside me is really interesting.

For me the music was not only a passion of hearing, but also a deep feeling inside of expressing myself the very mood i am in to. May be because of that i possess a set of songs as mood collections itself as my own in my pc as well in the smartphone which i used to hear whenever i am down. And majority of those carry a sad theme since i love the lonely feel a lot. No wonder the song i compose few months back about my lost love also carried the very same theme. But it doesnt mean that i have specific taste in picking music. Actualy my taste are vivid in the case of hearing music. I hear soft serene instrumental as well as hard rock and trance; so its all matters with what mood i am in that time and its true that music has really helped much in that very situation a lot and so never wonder why i am in love with music a lot....

My love for music has an unseen part also in my life, the very own part in which besides from enjoying music i also used to play music, a keyboard to be in particular. I still remember how that sweet love was born in my life. It was during my schoolings that the movie Titanic was  released and like everyone, me too became a great fan of that movie and what dragged me closer to it is the very song and music of the movie. Being a person carrying a love inside unspoken to my sweet baby at that time, this romantic movie has become my dream itself those days. The song My Heart Will Go On performed by Celine Dion has become more like a song inside my heart itself and each time i hear it, i tried hard to get the lyrics clear and sing along ( Remember it was those days wen we had least access to pc itself, so no way of lyrics searching like these days which is at one touch of a click now). And it happened finally like i took a paper and wrote down the lyrics and got it corrected from my friends who too were having the love for the very song, but not as addicted as mine...

It just didnt ended up with memorizing the lyrics of the song and singing along or even recording the same on a cassette recorder, but it really seed the love of playing music also in me. With much difficulty i persuaded my dad who is not interested in letting me in to anything else other than studies, that i want to join the School of Music in my hometown. But with the help of my mom's support i was successful in doing this. From the very start of studying the music notes itself, besides my homework in performing  small sample notes which my music sir had given to practice, i always try to play the very song from Titanic, My Heart Will Go On ,without even knowing which keys are being used, but just listening to the tone produced when i press every key. It may be the love for the song that never made me feel sad ,for the more than hundred times i tried in creating the notes and everytime i failed in creating  it perfectly. But with my constant practice and the added curiosity helped me in creating the notes line by line as day passed on and i manage to complete the full song on my own and i really felt like i am on the top of the world. Really cant describe how happy i was at that time.

The days followed with my performance in keyboard everyday at home and most times the audience were my sister and mom and they were really happy by the way i played. To make the scene more lovely at an enhanced level, i had even connected my keyboard to the output of music system and gave a multiplied feel of effect for the music i play. I never lose the chance to play the same in any situation, if any relative visit to my house or even at school where i was actually not a member of the music group, but when they were in practice room, and my friend was really surprised when i played it in the big keyboard he owned. Yes, the notes i created by hearing the song again and again were so perfect that everyone who came to hear it, appreciated me a lot and some of them even wished to share the notes from me. 

But in pace of life i couldnt keep up the classes nor practicing my keyboard. May be its due to a slight uninteresting approach from my dad's part too that, he felt like i am wasting my time on  music when i was actually meant to study and build my career. In time i was forced to kill the love i have, to perform music and so had to discontinue my music classes and dedicate myself only to my studies. But life always shows it hard part and in my case too, it was no different. Because now i stand without a stable career nor a thorough knowledge in music....which is really painful....adding to the unfulfilled wishes....just another loss in my life....

Now i am no more a performer, but a good listener and sometimes so addictive too to good music; those ones which creep inside my head and makes me feel so good. May be ie why i always wish to enjoy music alone, since i am too shy to even express it in front of others. Its like i used to mock playing a keyboard in my empty table itself while enjoying the song or even perform some dance steps of my own. To be precise i have even specific songs to hear at different moods to console myself and hearing it over and over really helps me a lot....sometimes even more than the consoling words from a friend itself....

Today also i can quote this music of Titanic as the very best i have heard in my entire life.  The one which made me fall in love with music who is my lonely companion now. When James Cameroon created a love symbol as a movie itself, actually James Horner has created a music of Love itself and may be ie why it still sings inside the heart of every lover forever and ever....

This is the one i tried playing on my keyboard at that time:

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  1. lovely... enjoyed the music... thanks

    1. Thank you for goin thru the post Sathish. By the way the youtube link i have shared is not the one i have created. It was just for referring that this was the track which i have tried creating notes and played in keyboard that time. :)

    2. Yeah I do understand... :) It was lovely to listen at night was that i mentioned :)
      and will be back to read your euphoric feels :)

    3. Yeah, the music is very calm and it feels good to hear it in night.. Glad to know that you like it. .:)


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