Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some days will just simply tell us, how unlucky we are!!

In day to day life, some days just pass by leaving a great note of realization, a kinda too disturbing also leaving us too down. Its not because of the fact that it happened, but a hard truth that its happening again and again and making us force to believe how unlucky we are. . . here in this case just me.

Though i earn a very little amount of money compared to the education degree i hold, i have the habit of spending money on goodies worth useful for me as well as for my family. Because of this habit i have bought so many house hold items as well as stuff for me in time. My last purchase done the previous month was a pair of Woodland shoes. Though it was a bit more expensive than the budget i have set earlier in mind, i just bought it hoping it would last for  pretty long time. Because i had a very bad experience with shoes in past 6 months which forced me to buy two pair of shoes during that time!! So i don't wish to make the same mistake again and so finalized this one. 

When the month of December began, i was little confused of what will be my next hit on purchase. It was when i noticed that my dad used to hear music most of the time when he is at home and instead of the stereo we have, he used to enjoy music from his phone with the help of two Creative speakers of my old PC placed in the closed front portion of our home. It was when the idea of buying a Home Theater system strike my mind. Though i have 5.1 speakers for my PC, i thought another home theater will satisfy the need and also will make my dad happy if i buy it as a surprised gift. So like a target or goal, i had set buying a home theater as my this months click. Now what left was the search for a pretty good and also affordable one.

My search began with a simple word of mouth of the reviews from my friends who own home theater systems to pretty extensive search and comparison in internet. Visited few shops also in the previous week related to this, but still i couldn't settle down with a model of my choice. It was all of sudden that situations changed when i was helping out my friend the previous day in purchasing a stuff that i came through one of the home theater i had thought of buying. Of course the specifications  it hold was appealing and within my range that i almost finalized buying it in the very first sight itself. Since i had came in bike and cant carry the box, i thought of coming in car the very next day and make the deal done. 

The day began as normal but i was a bit excited than ever since i was going to purchase a new stuff for home. Came to office in car managing the question of my dad for why taking car with a single reply that i have little purchase to do. My buddy too was assisting me for the purchase with  her one year old son. The little one was too crazy that he was running and exploring each corner of the shop, and also being fascinated by his reflection in the mirror around. Things went fine and i made the purchase along with few stuff my friend too had to purchase. The home theater was company packed and the dealer  assured that currently they don't have any setup for checking the system using a dvd player and told like there is no need to check it as problems have never/least been encountered and assured me complete assistance if any such situation arises. Moreover a casual talk while settling the money help me know that the dealer was actually dad of one of our students in our institution. This made me feel the deal more reliable and took the home theater with out checking. It's for that very moment, i repent now for making the mistake by doing so.

Everyone at home was really happy to receive this new addition to the entertainment wing. The next couple of hours was filled with music treat checking out different movie titles using the player and also getting an audio output from TV. It was really a nice experience to hear our day to day programs on different channels through this home theater output. It was then i found a serious problem unnoticed till that moment. The device was not recognizing or reading pen drive input. Though the device selection mode and everything was perfect, this thing was not just getting in to track and i was becoming impatient as time passed. Earlier i thought like may be the pen drive input mode will take pretty time to read and start playing and assured myself. But as minutes passed i realized that its not going to make it. In vain i tried all possibilities of trying to play pen drive with less number of tracks thinking large number of tracks is costing time but the result was the same and finally i gave up. All the happiness i had till that moment was gone and i cursed myself for not checking the home theater from the shop itself at the time of purchase. When i checked the dealer via phone about the situation encountered he told it will take around three days for the problem to get solved, but assured me that he will replace the set if the one i bought is defective. The reason he gave me for taking three days is that my home is situated away from town and the service engineer was on tight schedule that he cant visit places. He promised to have a call back tomorrow and tell if i have figured out the problem with any settings if any, but i am already sure that its not with the settings but the hardware part itself. 

Its a simple incident happened today and actually there is nothing to worry since even the dealer itself have promised to get the problem solved though it will take few days. Moreover i can bargain over the situation and can even change the model since its a brand new product that i have purchased, but deep inside i was feeling bad of what happened. . a sick feeling that why this really happened? Everything was fine a few moments earlier and i was in peak of satisfaction in making my family members happy with a new gift for them which now turned out to be a real unpleasant situation that just left me with confused thoughts. Because this is not the first time i am encountering such a problem. Most of the the time when i make a purchase of electronic gadgets it has presented me the same situation and i have to take the stuff back to the shop. Its now more like a routine for me facing such wicked situations and i am really fed up of it, because its making me believe how unlucky i am. . .  and leaving me with a simple question. . .why always me??

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