Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There is nothing more happiness, than in making a friend smile!!!

                   " Everyone is blessed with friends and only a few lucky ones will have very close friends in all stages of their life "

Its an SMS which i came across in my smartphone, few days ago. Yeah ,its true. And the most valuable part of it, is the funny time we spend with friends which is really nice and that too when he/she is going through a very beautiful time of their life. 

                          Today i paid a visit to my friend's house. I should not mention her just as a friend, but my best friend, i have in my entire life. She was my colleague, got married an year before, well settled in my hometown itself, and the most sweet thing is that she is now carrying baby of six months inside, and enjoying this beautiful moment of her life with every fun she can get engaged with. Whenever i used to go and meet her, its a habit that i used to purchase chocolates and some eatables which she is fond of, mostly masala kadala, kurkure etc. This time along with these eatables and the usual Dairy milk chocolate, i simply bought a Kinder Joy too; thought like, it would bring some surprise to her..and sure it has..

                           It was around evening when i reached her home, and as usual she was engaged with her PC, checking social networking sites, browsing funny cat videos and also playing online games which she is fond of very much. Earlier it was like she used to click every link or advertisement of funny cursors or smileys which she found attractive and always end-up with her PC getting affected with malware and i have to go there and fix it up alright. Huh, seems like she is now able to recognize them as malwares now and so less situations like that. As our usual chat proceeded for a long time, since i have been meeting her after a week , it was after little time only i realized that, i have bought things for her to eat.

              While giving  the eatables one by one to her, i deliberately showed the Kinder Joy only at last, since i want see her expression. She was really surprised to see it, since she havnt had a Kinder Joy earlier and thanked me even before opening it. When she opened it slowly, before having the chocolate in one portion of it, we both were interested in which toy they may have included inside on the other portion and all these time i could see her face ,which was really like a kid opening her birthday present with immense excitement which i really loved a lot. And to say true i still feel her as my little friend who is just 5 years old...though she is 3 years more than me itself age wise....The toy included was a typical pieces of star fish like thing which can be joined and hanged and i could see her laughing and having fun with it for few minutes....Her smile is something which made me so happy that day and i am satisfied that i could bring smile in her face during this time of her pregnancy which is really good for her health.

Yes, for seeing this beautiful smile only which is really a gift, i hardly want to miss, i present her chocolates every time we meet....

PS: Just like shown in the advertisement, Kinder Joy is able to present the excitement and fun to the people who  buy it; which reveals their success  and more than that, remaining still in market as a very unique product!!

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