Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feel My Heart - My Song Published!!!!

Its said like everyone will have some song of their own, which will be playing inside their heart all the time and for me its nothing other than my own composed song "Feel My Heart", which clearly explains the feelings i am going through far as concerned its my blog name itself, which tells how much i am related to my lost love in every way....every moment....purely a dedication to my Lost Love....

 " Feel My Heart " is not a song which originated coz of days effort, but truly speaking, the whole song was created including the lyrics written by myself suiting to the music was all done in a matter of just 3 hours; a creation done overnight. To tell about the music it was adopted from an online game which i have been playing for about a month or so, whose background music and beats i loved a lot. Since i dont have my mic working properly for recording, its my smartphone which i used to record my voice and at the same time playing the music in computer, so that the phone picked both of them and hence got the song as the result. But it had affected the quality a lot and i didnt bother about it much since it was purely made for just my fantasy only that time.

Its been quite a while, to say precisely months itself, since i have been planning to publish my song on youtube, but couldnt make it appealing since the raw song i have in hand was recorded using a mobile and was not clear and also was little confused to put it directly or otherwise and moreover i was little hesitant to publish, since its me who sang it and i know very well how my voice sounds in it. But after settling down all these confusions and postprocesing the video for embedding the lyrics inside the video," Feel My Heart " was published on my Youtube channel ' RenjithB ' on 24th June 2010.

PS: Before playing the video, Switch off the background music of the blog using the controls located at the bottom of this page.

The video info on youtube channel clearly explains everything i wish to say here....

Hello Guys. Im here to share one of my crazy creation- A song!!!
This song is sung, all by myself with lyrics too written with my feelings inside, of my lost love, a way of expressing how much i miss her even now.... Music is my passion & and in time there are some which touches our heart. After playing an online game for about more than a month, i started loving the background music of it, especially the beats within it & u know what happened next? Coupled with the feelings of my lost love, i wrote the lyrics to suit this music & i tried singing it all by myself.. I know its not that much good since the voice was recorded using a mobile only with music from computer speakers along with & moreover my voice too, i know its not meant for a singer :)
Still i love this song a lot.. A way of opening my heart....a way of expressing my heart to my love...
Thanks for hearing...your comments are welcome...
Hope i didnt waste your time & bored you...
Take care...

Singer - Renjith;
Lyrics - Renjith;
Music - Courtesy to an online game for the background music;

PS : The very positive result which added to my happiness is that my video got more than 200 hits in youtube within just 2 days of publishing...i wish to thank all the viewers especially my friends who spend their time in viewing my video.

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