Saturday, July 10, 2010

Its really nice to see a familiar face after years...

There may be a lot of persons whom we meet,  in our day to day life. Some of them may be related to us, in just a small part of our life and goes on, while some remain in our life forever. But the large portion ie the people who may be present in our life only for a short period, which includes persons of every stage of life we meet daily, especially in our childhood days or schools days can really influence the feelings we have for them.

                              Today, when i was returning from office, i reminded myself not to forget, to get food parceled for my doggie, since i dont want him to skip food just coz there was no meat. Though he used to adjust to do so with out meat, his sad face shows his feelings, which make me also sad. So i try to avoid that situation all the time by buying it in prior. When i was waiting to get the parcel, a person who was so familiar to me just enter the hotel and ordered for a parcel.  Back in to my school days it was none other than a person who has been working in my school, Murukettan. This 6'5" person has been a hero for among the students coz of the height he possessed.

    His sight drag me to the memories of school days.... the pleasant time of my life like everyone....When i am back from thoughts, i called by his name, Murukettan and introduced myself to him. He was really happy to talk with me and apologized that he couldn't recognize me at first. I consoled him that i have been studying right from 1st std to tenth std and i will be so small and it has been years back that, he could never recollect my face. I inquired about the instructors who have taught me, and how many of them are now in school and he was really happy to share all those information with me. He couldn't stop laughing when i added that he were the only highest person that time in school and he was our hero since we students were all small that time. The more he talked about school the more happy i was, cherishing my memories.

                                   After having a little more chit chat about the current happenings in school, just before leaving  he invited me whole heartedly to school and i am really happy to hear it.... felt it really as a  true welcome....and i am thinking of  visiting my school one day....

To cherish all those sweet memories again....

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